Hotel Revere Restoration Project
Pomeroy, Washington



Summer, 2009

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On the back of the door...
Visit the Honeymoon Suite The Roosevelt Suite (a/k/a Honeymoon Suite)
Working on the 3rd Floor Enter the front half of the 3rd Floor
More Heat at the Hotel Revere Lifting and Installation of the heat pumps. (Summer, 2008)
aybn.jpg (29135 bytes) Chris is all decked out and ready to build
before-1.jpg (30667 bytes) Our first big project, getting rid of a 90-year-old boiler (March 1999)
shower2.jpg (17426 bytes) From May, 1999, the project continues.
repl.jpg (8063 bytes) The Castlemoyle Publishing Offices (1999 to 2001)
tinup3.jpg (236273 bytes) The Tin Ceiling Kitchen section (Fall, 2003) It's Done!
stovehood.jpg (95049 bytes) Beverly's Kitchen (Well the stove fan hood anyway...)
beverlycuts1.jpg (386668 bytes) Beverly Learns to cut tile 
Brittany Ann's bedroom and bathroom. (Fall, 2003)
Dec25693.JPG Merry Christmas from the Gordons to the Gordons
Added, January 2006, The Store.
- Grand Opening of Castlemoyle Books' offices in October, 2000

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