Brittany Ann's Bedroom and Bathroom finally takes shape
Click on the individual pictures to see larger photo (descriptions to follow)


floor.jpg (82119 bytes) Her Bathroom floor tile
floor2.jpg (82510 bytes) Different view of the tile
medicine.jpg (67358 bytes) Medicine cabinet and trim
door.jpg (30644 bytes) The door and closet interior
bathtub.jpg (41207 bytes) Bathtub enclosure back wall
tub2.jpg (90205 bytes) Bathtub tiling
closets2.jpg (29734 bytes) Grandpa's work on the closet
crownmould1.jpg (53093 bytes) A two-minute course in installing crown moulding
drywallsanding.jpg (60056 bytes) Beverly wet sanding the last coat before
wallpaper1.jpg (84485 bytes) The Ericksons measure, cut, and
bathceiling.jpg (69205 bytes) Hang
ceiling2.jpg (27992 bytes) more ceiling wall paper
doortobath.jpg (24531 bytes) Brittany paints;
flooring-1.jpg (40134 bytes) Clint scrapes;
flooring-2.jpg (69099 bytes) Beverly helps.

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