Hotel Revere Restoration Project


on the Lost Highway in
Pomeroy, Washington

The Hotel Revere
Pomeroy, Washington
On the Lost Highway

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From March, 1999, the restoration continues with . . . .

The Boiler!

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     The arrow is pointing to the 100 plus- year old coal-fired boiler that used to heat the water running through the radiators in the Hotel revere in Pomeroy, Washington.

     Your mission, should you accept it, is to get the boiler out of there and somewhere else!


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     As you can see by the end of the boom. . . . someone has accepted this mission! Stay tuned to find out whom!

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     Lo and behold here is one half of our intrepid duo. . .   It's none other than Lonnie Flynn, owner of Flynn's Electric in Pomeroy, and coincidentally, the owner of that beautiful yellow truck with the boom and hoist.   Soon you will see the other half of the indefatigable team that caused the Pomeroy Miracle to happen.

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     It's moving!!! With Jonathon and Lonnie's skill, this 8 ton boiler has developed a life of its own and is on the run. . . . well, walk anyway. Unfortunately, our cameraman was unable to snap the picture of Lonnie attempting to tow the boiler all the way to Clarkston by himself.

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ontruk1.jpg (17587 bytes)      Here, Jonathan on the boiler and Lonnie next to it are setting the boiler down on Jonathan's 42' semi trailer. o.k., o.k., 42' may be a bit long for a boiler that's only about 5' wide. But Jonathan was available and Lonnie was willing to rise to the challenge!

     (Unfortunately, by this time its getting dark and the between your cameraman's trying to stay out of the way and the weakness of the flashbulbs, you can't see a whole lot here.)


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     The next day, we posed this 63' monster truck on Pomeroy's Main Street (a.k.a. U.S. Highway 12 -- The Lost Highway) while the team pondered what else we could put on it.

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"The mangle"

subtitled: "I didn't know they were throwing that in with the hotel!"


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