Views of the front 1/3rd of the 3rd Floor (Former Sewing Room)

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The Kitchen

Follow me up to the third floor.


Climbing the stairs from the 2nd floor we encounter the "masking off" plastic put up for the demolition of the plaster on the wall. Ask Beverly just how well it kept the dust in....


Up from the landing, we see Drywall!!!

Turning around at the top of the stairs we look at the window in the wall of former plaster, now unfaced old, cheap Pomeroy bricks.


The living room. We have 10' (just over 3 meter) high ceilings.
Check it out! Then and Now


Looking from the living room to the dining room. It's tough to get the full view of a room with the camera and lenses we have. You just can't get back far enough.


Looking down the hall. The (formerly( black insulation board covers the glass of the glass floor.

Back to the dining room and here's the view.

The Kitchen is through the door. (Yes there will be nore than just the opening!) From near to far on the kiutchen wall will be range, counter/sink, and refrigerator.

A little closer of the kitchen. Still got some extension cords.

Walk into the kitchen and take a left and you see the shower backwall and a window. Tall windows. About 8' or 2.5 meters tall and about a meter wide.


Next to the shower is the closet. (There will be a glass surround on the shower....)

Here's the view from the bathroom. 

Another look at the kitchen from the bedroom. 

The bedroom window

Here's the guestroom across the hall.

Pay your room bill or we put you through the floor. John's been busy fixing the joists and floor where they did such a lovely job of adding bathtubs and toilets during the 3rd floor 1930's remodel from overnight rooms to long term accommodations. I think they did the work at night in the dark with the wrong tools back then....

This is sort of what you get when you have to use books and shelves for drywall and insulation. Is there hope for this room?

Please grandma..... please come back soon.

Brittany.... Not afraid of anything Sherwin Williams can throw at her. 

And I can use my tail to paint???


A view of the Living Room with "hubcaps."


The dining room in all of its splendor....

Shower is all masked off.



Here's where the sink in the bathroom will go


Grandma's bedroom. Blue below the line, a lighter blue above the line.

Back to the Dining Room again to see if anything's changed. The December Snowstorm is here.


I love to paint.....





Is that PatRick outside? Two weeks inside make even the roof seem exciting.

Who are you talking to?

Ok, ok, I'll come back in


The guest room with closet, kitchenette, and door to the bathrooom.

A painter's best friend.


Another view of poor John's "storage" room on the third floor.

(Please excuse any misspellings or other typos on these updated picture descriptions as soneome got to spend 7 hours today spraying and backrolling.)

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