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Historic Pomeroy, Washington
Home of the Pomeroy Washington Downtown
National Historic District

Pomeroy Wash. Street Scene 1925

The cover of a booklet published in 1908 to entice businesses to move
to Pomeroy and Garfield County.


Washington State map showing Garfield County's location

A short history of the beginning of Garfield County

Joseph and Martha Pomeroy, town founders.

A drawing of their grandson Eugene "Buster" Pomeroy.

Here's dapper Harry St. George

An economic view of Garfield County

Pomeroy's Main Street through Time. . . a series of photographs showing the changes along main street through the 1900s.

The Garfield County Courthouse, located in Pomeroy Washington

Post Office honors Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery

The Post Offices of Garfield County

President James Garfield on postage stamps

The Howard Hughes Bus which was located in Pomeroy, Washington.

How Pomeroy's Historic District was Born