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During 2006, Beverly Adams-Gordon and John Gordon contracted with Pomeroy native John Herres, owner of Memories in Stone, to create a plaque to mount on the outside of their historic Hotel Revere Building, located at the corner of 7th and Main Streets in downtown Pomeroy.  From his library of agricultural art, Mr. Herres selected a photograph of a grain elevator, electronically modified it, and placed it on a background of light and shadow to simulate grain farming. One of the Gordons' buildings in downtown Pomeroy, the "brick annex" to the original Pomeroy Hotel was given historic designation Number 1. This annex was built in 1888 adjoining the original wood-frame hotel.

The Gordons and Herres were so pleased with the look of the plaques and the logo shown above that they have allowed the City of Pomeroy's Historic Commission to use their artwork on a series of plaques purchased from Herres to be mounted on other historic buildings in the Downtown Pomeroy Historic District.

To answer a question asked many times, the grain elevator on the Gordons' logo is not from Pomeroy or Garfield County. (Related story on this website.)



The Pomeroy Historic Preservation Committee
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