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In May of 1945, $5,000 was deposited in the treasury of the Pioneer Association as a bequest in the will of Mary R. Liggett, a pioneer school teacher of Garfield County. The money was requested to be used to provide a fireproof room or building in which to store records, historical documents, relics, and other property of the Pioneer Association, and for building a museum. By the time the bequest was used, it had almost doubled in size from interest.
  It was not until the 1950s that renewed efforts for a museum were noticeable. In December of 1954, the Garfield County Pioneer Association had $7,400, and was hoping to build a $10,000 masonry block building, 30 by 50 feet on Third and Pataha Streets. The plans were abandoned, however.

The museum fund grew slowly through the 1960s. The Garfield County Historical Association was formed in 1970 as a corporation with the strict goal of building and operating a museum. There were 38 people at the organizational meeting.

Display in the Garfield County (Washington) Museum
  Display in the Garfield County (Washington) Museum
The Historical Association took out a legal option on the Henry Schulke property at the corner of Seventh and Columbia streets. The Association exercised its legal option by buying the property in October using $4,000 in Pioneer funds and $4,000 from Mattie Morris and Helen and Harold Shepherd. The Historical Association leveled the two houses which had been standing on the site.

Construction did not begin right away and was a five-year "on again, off again" project, as the Association wanted to pay with cash only. The work began in September 1972. The building's exterior was completed in 1976, followed by the completion of the interior, and the grand opening in 1977. A total of $82,000 was expended on the Museum.
  Articles in the Museum are donated by people of Garfield County, and exhibits are changed regularly. One of the most popular displays is a license plate collection, provided by Tyler Watson. This collection is only missing one plate, a ceramic plate produced in 1920. Also very popular, the Museum's quilt collection which is changed periodically. 

During the summer months, the museum is open Monday through Friday 1-5 and on Friday afternoons in the fall, winter, and spring. You may also visit the museum with an appointment by calling 509-843-3814 or 509-843-1598.
Display in the Garfield County (Washington) Museum

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