October 25, 1956

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Friday Play To Mark Twentieth Year Of High School's Pirate Gold

Tomorrow night, October 26[, 1956], members of the journalism class will present the three-act comedy production, "A Nose for News," in the high school auditorium at 8 p. m.

The play marks the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Pirate Gold, local high school newspaper. Cast members have issued complimentary tickets to the past editors of the school paper.

A special guest for the evening will be Miss Florence Long, the first advisor of the Pirate Gold.

Those students who will assume the dramatic roles for the play are: Larry Porter as "Vince," who is a,high school senior, conceited and self satisfied; Dennis Moore as "Ralph," a high school senior, haughty and self confident; Stan Miller as "Tim," a high school senior, steady and quick witted; Karlene Hundrup, as "Helen," a high school junior who doesn't catch on very easily; and Paul Feider as "Mr. Reffell," a janitor in his fifties and given to corny jokes.

Other characters in the production will include: Virginia Herron, who portrays the part of "Millie," a high school junior of fine taste; Andi Jacobsen takes the part of "Carol," a sedate and sincere junior in high school. ArLeen Patterson steals parts of the show as she portrays "Linda," a junior who tends to exaggerate. Marian McKeirnan, as "Evelyn" makes way for the plot of the story, as she likes radio music. "Jane," the editor of the school paper, is played by Betty Lee Fitzsimmons. Betty Lee is also the present editor of the Pirate Gold.

"Miss Jasper," a journalism teacher in her thirties, is played by Marilyn Porter; and Dave Koller is the "convict."

The variety of personalities displayed by the various characters join together to portray the problems of a high school jornalism class, as they attempt to publish a paper after school hours.

Walter Dawson is directing the three-act production.

Louis Cormier was the first editor of the Pirate Gold when the publication started in 1937. Since then the paper has been published every year and has had 19 editors. It is noted that two children of Mr. and Mrs. John McGreevy have edited the paper and Edna Mae McGreevy worked on it in 1953-54 and Pally McGreevy is a member of the present staff.

Editors and the years they served are: Louis Cormier, 1937-38; Phil Wilson, 1938-39; Duane Jensen, 1939-40; Kathleen Lybecker (Mrs. Burton Davis), 1940-41; Berdina Mack, 1941-42; Nancy Hodson, 1942-43; Ruth Stallcop (Mrs. Jim McCabe), 1944-45; Bob Webb, 1945-46; Joan Elsensohn, 1946-47; Caroline McGreevy (Mrs. Norman Lybecker), 1947-48; Dorothy Prater (Mrs. George Ledgerwood), 1948-49; Wilma Beale, 1949-50; Joan McGreevy, 1950-51; Marie Brammer, 1951-52; Eugene Miller, 1952-53; Lynette Dixon (now wife of the 1952-53 editor), 1953-54; Richard Gray, 1954-55; Rosemary Burns, 1955-56, and Betty Fitzsimmons, 1956-57.

In 1954-55 the paper joined four major press associations and has won nine national press awards. The paper is rated one of the best mimeographed papers in schools of its class in the nation and the staff under their advisor, Walter Dawson, is constantly striving to make each publication better than the one preceding.

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