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Maple Hall (Site ID 54)
Classification: Historic Contributing

67 S Seventh St

The one-story building is sited on a corner lot at the intersection of Seventh and Columbia streets. Maple Hall has a gambrel roof covered with seamed metal roofing, brick chimney, pressed sheet metal siding designed in a brick pattern, and horizontal boarding over the south end of the gambrel roof. A diagonal entrance is on the southeast comer and has semicircular steps leading up to the doors.

The original wooden St. George Hotel was moved to this site in 1902, and used for a rest station and reading room for travelers and farmers shopping in town. The facility had restrooms, showers, and sleeping and reading rooms. The building was torn down in 1928 when Maple Hall was constructed.

The community wanted a hall large enough to accommodate dances, dinners, gatherings, and parties. W.L. Meyers financed the building and the contractor was Nick Pierre. Pierre's crew included Ike Forse, Tom Johnson, Otto Fitzgerald, Mike Sitzberger, and the wiring was completed by Ed Bucket. A time capsule was embedded into the concrete entrance steps that included historical records of the building, an original folding key to the St. George Hotel, wrought iron taken from the hotel, and several copies of the East Washingtonian newspaper. The dedication ball was held on Thanksgiving eve, 29 November 1928, and the maple dance floor tested.

For many years, the hall was used for dances, community gatherings, roller skating, bowling, and receptions. After World War II, the hail became the J.C. Hall and is currently called Spinner's Hall. The building is used for community gatherings, wedding and funeral receptions, roller skating and other events.

Description and much of the Cultural Data based on
research by Donovan & Associates

Washington's Birthday Message from February 1924, East Washingtonian

Washington's Birthday Message from February 1924, East Washingtonian


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