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photo of front of the 'Cardwell Building', Pomeroy WA, August 2021

Pomeroy Savings Bank/Elsensohn/Cardwell Bldg (Site ID 45)

Current (2021) address: 708 Main Street
1953 address: 809 Main street, Phone 30

Classification: Historic Contributing

The Pomeroy Savings Bank Building was started in May 1891 and was one of the few two-story brick buildings in downtown Pomeroy. Completed in December 1891, the bank occupied the northwest comer of the new building, and a general merchandising firm moved into the eastern half. The upper floor was used as a lodge hall. The bank only resided in the building for a few years before moving into the First National Bank Building (#4) in 1898 after that bank closed their doors. The Pomeroy State Bank remained in the building until it constructed another bank building across the street on the corner of Seventh and Main streets (#8).

After the bank moved, Fred J. Elsensohn expanded his general store and occupied the entire first floor. F.J. Elsensohn began his merchandising career with R. L. Rush & Co. and soon bought Rush's interest in the business along with J.B. Brady. Elsensohn then purchased Brady's interest and formed the Fred J. Elsensohn Company. He ran the store until 1909 when he sold the business to Jasper N. Cardwell. After Cardwell's first business was destroyed by the 1900 fire, he relocated to the Mulkey Block (#41) and then to the Kuykendall Block (#40). Cardwell purchased the stock of Elsensohn and began his successful store with his three sons, Frank, Hugh, and Charles who helped in the business that was known as Cardwell & Sons. Their grocery store was located in the back of the building. During April, 1951, a fire destroyed some of the interior of the store. The Norlin family, owners of the building at that time, rebuilt after the fire, changing the first story to a new 'modern storefront' (completed 1952). The department store went through a number of name changes as it was sold to different people during the 1960s, 70's, and 1980's. The location was the "DD Department Store" during the late 1970's and early 1980s. [add adv.] Following the closure of Eydie Grimm's thrift store in 2002, the building was temporarily used as a gym/fitness center but has been used for private storage for most of the past decade.

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Cardwell and Sons/Pomeroy's Greatest Store, Pomeroy WA

Pioneer Day Parade, June 1915

Cardwell's, 1915, Pomeroy WA
Cardwell's, 1950's, Pomeroy WA

Late 1950's, maybe early 1960's. Notice the cut-off corner and the "up to date" brick work decoration.


Cardwell Bldg, 2021, Pomeroy WA

The Pomeroy Savings Bank/Elsensohn/Cardwell Building, August, 2021.


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