Historic District Downtown Building Inventory

The USDA Building in Pomeroy which replaced the Seeley Block after the 1959 fire.

The USDA Building (and parking lot) which replaced the Post Office which was built to replace the Seeley Block after the 1959 fire.

Post Office Building (Site ID 36)

Current (2021) address: 804 Main Street
1953 address: Brown's Drug Store, 903 Main street, Phone 135
Richardson Funeral Home, 907 Main street, Phone 57-J
Third storefront (CC Richmond Hardware? 915 Main street, Phone 100)

(Non-Historic, Non-Contributing Building)

After the 1900 fire, C.H. Seeley constructed the Seeley Block to house a hardware store, drug store, and furniture businesses. The building housed successful businesses until December 8, 1959 when a fire destroyed the Seeley Block. In December, 1961, the new U.S. Post Office was completed on the site. The post office moved from its previous location across Main Street in the Chard Building. In the early 1980s, the post office moved to its present location at the comer of Eleventh and Main streets. The subject building is used as a service center for the USDA.

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The Seeley Block buildings, taken relatively soon after construction. (Photo courtesy of Alverna "Al" Godinez.)

Brown's Drugs leads the line of the Seeley Block businesses in this photo shot facing east along main street.
(Photo courtesy of Alverna "Al" Godinez.)

In this photo from the early 1950s, the Seeley Block is the building outlined in black on the left side of the photo.


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