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The Knettle State Bank (now Lewis/Clark Credit Union) as seen in 2021

Seen in 2021, Knettle State Bank on the right, The Knettle Building on the left.

The Knettle State Bank (Site ID 34)

Current (2021) address: 850 Main Street
1953 address: Bank of Pomeroy, 949 Main street, Phone 5

Classification: Historic Contributing

In 1904, F.M. Hinkley and R.D. Walker announced the sale of their interest in the Garfield County Bank to N.D. Knettle who renamed the bank, the Knettle Bank. A pioneer of Garfield County of 1877, Knettle moved into Pomeroy in 1889 and became active in the development of the community. He built the Knettle Grand Theatre and was an agent for the Pacific Coast Elevator Company. On 26 December 1914, Knettle renamed the bank, the Knettle State Bank. Knettle died in October 1926 and his wife, Nancy Overholser, died in 1929. Knettles' son, Leroy N., operated the bank until it closed on 31 December 1935, due to the economic conditions of the Great Depression.

In 1951, the Bank of Pomeroy was established, and the organizers purchased the Knettle State Bank building. The new bank modernized the interior and opened for business in May 1952 (East Washingtonian, 1 May 1952). Other occupants have included an archery shop and a museum. At the time of the Nomination, the Bank of Whitman occupied the building. Following the closure of the Bank of Whitman and its sale, this branch was closed and the building remained vacant until purchased by the Leweis & Clark Credit Union.

Description: Constructed circa 1904, the Knettle Bank and the building to the east are the only buildings in Pomeroy constructed entirely of stone. The building has a rock-faced ashlar stone finish laid in a broken range pattern, decorative projecting stone cornice, a large stone semicircular arch that spans the width of the building, and semicircular arch transom windows. Steps lead up to the offset wooden entrance door that is adjacent the rounded display windows with wood sashes, and a stone bulkhead, in the early 1990s, the glass in the round storefront window was replaced and the bulkhead restored using locally quarried stone

Description and much of the Cultural Data based on
research by Donovan & Associates

1921 photo of Historic Buildings 33 and 34

Looking at both Knettle Buildings you can see the beauty of the stone. (Yes, this is the same photo as at the top of The Knettle Bank Building.)

National Bank of Commerce, Pomeroy WA

From a Pirate Yearbook comes this shot of the National Bank of Commerce branch in Pomeroy. The bank later moved to the Chard Building location.


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