Pomeroy Washington Downtown National Historic District

Historic District Downtown Building Inventory

"Hart and Ketchum Building" as of Spring, 2021

Hart and Ketchum Building (Site ID 31)

Current address: 870 Main Street

1953 address: 971 Main, phone #34

Classification: Historic Contributing

A.E. Ketchum erected the western building in 1904 for use as a harness shop (East Washingtonian, 23 July 1904). The east side was most likely constructed in 1906 by Dick Hart for use as a store (East Washingtonian, 13 January 1906). According to the 1908 and 1922 Sanbom Fire Insurance Maps, the structures housed Carithers Jewelry store in the east half and Briggs Brother's billiards parlor serving soft drinks in the west half. By 1930, the structure housed the billiards parlor on the west side and Pearson's grocery store on the east side.

The Up and Up Tavern occupied this space for decades under different owners. At the time of the historic nomination, McDonald's Family Restaurant occupied both buildings. During the early 2010's, the building was remodeled to serve as the Pomeroy Brew Pub. As of 2020, the restaurant space is vacant with the current owners apparently planning a pizza restaurant.

Description and much of the Cultural Data based on
research by Donovan & Associates

photo of a young Bill Stanley in the bed of a General Tractor Repair pickup in front of the Up & Up Tavern, Pomeroy WA, sometime in the early 50's

That's been identified as Bill Stanley riding in a General Tractor pickup during an early 1950s parade. They're in front of the Up and Up Tavern. (Photo courtesy of Bill Stanley.)

The Up and Up sign, mid 1950s

From the mid-60's is the Up and Up Tavern sign


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